With the Mostar Mediation Conference 2020, CSSP Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation, the Regional Cooperation Council and the International Association of Mediators from Southeast Europe addressed the topic of “Mediation and Justice. Strengthening the Links”.

In 2021, we are inviting you to explore mediation around this central link focusing on preventive pre- and restorative post-court settings as well as peace and trust-building in the community through mediation. This Balkan Mediation Panels Series leads up to another conference, now extending the scope to the wider region of Southeast Europe, dedicating itself to another field of pre-court mediation: Cross-Border Commercial Mediation.

The panels will be hosted of changing constellations of cooperation partners with CSSP. Most of the Balkan Mediation Panels take place as single session events of up to two hours duration. All panels are simultaneously interpreted to/from Albanian, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian and English.