Strengthening the use of mediation and the respective mediation systems, is confronted with similar challenges in the Western Balkans (and beyond). At the same time, good experiences and practices can be shared. This makes regional exchange between the various roles and functions and stakeholders supporting and bringing to life mediation and mediation systems, such as mediators, judges, officers within the respective Ministries of Justice, lawyers, civil society actors, Associations of Mediators and Centers for mediation, extremely valuable and important. Our conference “Mediation and Justice. Strengthening the Links”, the lively discussions and contributions emphasized this need and the value.

This section is dedicated to an exchange based on written texts, which allows for confirmability of arguments which have been thought through without any time pressure. This is meant to complement exchanges in life formats, which will be more vivid and lively and allow for direct interaction.

If you want to strengthening the exchange on topics related to mediation in this way, if you have a mediation related topic in mind which you find extremely important, or you have debates which you have been leading on a national or local level and maybe in a verbal way with your colleagues and you want to bring it to a regional one and lead it in a more formalized and written way, or you have a individual contribution yourself which you want to share on our website, please get in contact with us via email.