Slave Mladenovski

Vice President of the Association of Southeast European Mediators.
President of the 4R Institute, the first organization accredited to train mediators in the Republic of North Macedonia.
Mladenovski has been a licensed mediator since 2016 and obtained his mediator certificate for the first time in 2006. As a mediator, of personal characteristics, he possesses clear speech, he is social and tolerant, and mainly mediates in labour, trade disputes and small value disputes, and most disputes end in agreement between the parties. As a lecturer for mediator training, in addition to theoretical knowledge, he possesses communication skills and applies several methods, such as roles and practical actions in mastering materials for mediators.
Mladenovski has a master's degree in sociological sciences and is the author of numerous professional texts in the field of sociology, communication and mediation. He speaks Croatian and Serbian fluently.

North Macedonia
Mostar Mediation Conference 2020

Mediators in Northern Macedonia have shown and proved in practice, what they have been saying publicly in the media and writing structural texts in the past three years, that the mediation process is efficient, economical and desirable for everyone, i.e. that they have now reported three thousand (3000) agreements reached by applying mediation. This means that the number of applied mediation procedures in resolving disputes is much higher, because we do not report procedures that are not completed by agreement. Our estimate is that this number will grow even more, and this will happen if in the coming period there is the adoption of amendments to the laws on civil procedure which provide for a mandatory mediation procedure for labour, trade and small value disputes. The number of disputes, which are resolved through mediation in Macedonian society, is not only increasing, but we expect them to significantly improve the image in society and the public perception of the possibilities of reaching justice or legal solutions. In the coming period, the Chamber of Mediators of Northern Macedonia (KMRSM) will focus even more on mediation promotion with the aim of announcing, before the businessman, in times of crisis of Covid 19, that mediation is a rational and reasonable procedure and that a quick solution is a basis for business growth.