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Key Note 

Law and mediation: Complementary Siblings or Competitors?
Challenges and Potentials of the Cooperation between Legal System and Mediation System

Panel I

Assessment of the Justice-Mediation Links throughout the Western Balkans
Overview by the Presidents of the Mediation Associations and Mediation Chambers from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo*1, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia

Introduction 2nd Day

Panel II

Referral from the Justice to the Mediation System – Good Practices, Factors of Success and Lessons Learned from Albania, Kosovo*, Italy and Serbia

Panel III

Involving Courts, Law Enforcement Agencies and Administration
Awareness Raising and Sensitising for Mediation

Panel IV

The Quality of Mediation
Key for Strengthening the Link?

Gathering Insights

Synopsis and Outlook

Strengthening the Network of Mediators in Southeast Europe