Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is an all-inclusive, regionally owned and led cooperation framework. This framework engages RCC participants from the South East Europe, members of the international community and donors, with a view to promoting and advancing the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the region.

Within the framework of the general political guidelines set by theĀ South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), the RCC works to develop and maintain a political climate of dialogue, reconciliation, tolerance and openness towards cooperation, with a view to enabling the implementation of regional programmes aimed at economic and social development to the benefit of the people in the region. We see our region as a prosperous place of dialogue, freedom and mobility, rich in cultural heritage, where each person feels safe and protected by the rule of law.

In June 2016 the RCC established the South East Europe Associations of Mediators Network (SEE AM), as a platform to learn from the experiences of the Associations of Mediators in EU member states, and to share ideas and proposals of possible common initiatives to raise public awareness. Regional cooperation of SEE AM is a valuable example of cooperation of governments and CSOs. The regional trainings in mediation skills for judges and prosecutors are being organized through the RCC SEE Judicial Training Institutions Network. Mediation is important tool for improving the efficiency of judiciaries and reducing court backlogs and both networks will closely cooperate.