Mediation and Justice. Strengthening the Links

The links between mediation and justice have been realized in very different ways throughout the Western Balkans. However, similar challenges exist throughout the region (any beyond), and although mediation and justice are siblings, as we have heard from Srdan Simac and Gordana Ristin during the keynote of our regional conference on “Mediation and Justice”, their relationship is complex and often unbalanced. Different aspects such as trust, the sensitization of crucial institutions and stakeholders, quality and qualification, the legal framework can help to strengthen the link, as we discussed already during the conference.

Some of the speakers who have been contributing with their expertise to this exchange, kindly compiled their arguments in a written way, developed them further, partly enriched by the exchanges which have taken place during the conference, and added thoughts and expertise which they were not able to share due to the time constraints during the conference.

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