Dr. Besim Kelmendi

Faculty of Law in the University of Prishtina,
Bar Exam in Prishtina,
The exam regarding misdemeanour judge in Prishtina,
Master's degree - Department of Jurisprudence at the International University of Struga,
Master - criminal management at the Business College in Prishtina,
Doctorate at the European University of Tirana

Work Experience:

From 2015 – presently, a Prosecutor in the Office of the Chief State Prosecutor, during 2010-2015 Special Prosecutor in the Special Prosecution Office of the Republic of Kosovo, from 2004-2010 was a Prosecutor in the Office of the Chief State Prosecutor, from 2000 - 2004 Judge in the District Court in Prishtina, from 1999-2000 was a professional associate in the Supreme Court of Kosovo, from 1988-1999, a professional associate in the District Court in Prishtina, in 1988 for three months, a translator in the former District Court in Prishtina, also in 1988 for two months he was a Secretary at the High School "Sami Frashëri" in Prishtina, and during 1986-1987, he was an intern at the District Court in Prishtina.

Other engagements:

For two years a chairperson and for two years a deputy chairperson of the Council of the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency, while from 2009 to October 2018, a member of the Mediation Commission, currently chairperson of the National Council for Prevention and Sanctioning of Negative Phenomena in Sports and a member of the National Anti-Trafficking Authority in Human Beings in Kosovo.

Engagements as a lecturer, trainer and legal expert:

Currently: Lecturer at the "BUSINESS" College in Prishtina and Trainer at the Kosovo Academy of Justice, while to date:
Lecturer on practical issues - Legal Clinics for students of the Public University of Prishtina - Faculty of Law in Prishtina,
Lecturer at the American University Institute in Kosovo for the justice system.
Lecturer at the Gjilan College - Unit in Prishtina

Trainer in many trainings organized by the Government of Kosovo, US Embassy, UNDP, ABACEELI, OSCE etc.
To date, he has published:

1. The role of lay judges in Kosovo”, Special Brochure, 2001, Prishtina,
2. "Security measures of the defendant in criminal procedure", Kosovo Legal Centre, 2004, Prishtina
3. "Witnesses according to the Criminal Procedure Code of Kosovo", Scientific Journal "BIZNESI", year 1, no. 1, 2008, Prishtina
4. "Direct interrogation of the witness as part of the development of judicial skills", Scientific Journal "BIZNESI", no. 7, 2010 Prishtina
5. "Indirect interrogation of the witness as part of the development of judicial skills", Scientific Journal "BIZNESI", no. 9-10, 2012 Prishtina
6. “Trafficking of human beings in the times of globalization, Special overview for Kosovo”, University of Zenica in Bosnia and Hercegovina, 2013.
7. General guidelines on witness protection procedural measures - European best practices in the Kosovo dispute, as a co-author, published by NI-CO, funded by the European Union, November 2014
8. Preventing Human Trafficking in the Western Balkans - a Particular Review in Albania, Kosovo and Serbia, published at the Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, MCSR Publishing, Vol. 6, No. 2, March 2015, Rome - Italy
9. Independence of judicial and prosecution system in Kosovo, published at the European Scientific Journal, February 2015 edition vol. 11, No. 4, 2015
10. Identification, the initial reference and interviewing victims in trafficking, published at the European Journal of Research in Social Sciences (EJRSS), Vol. 3 No. 2, 2015
11. "The Basics of the Justice System", published by the "Business" College in Prishtina, 2011, reprint 2015.
12. - Care for victims of trafficking in human beings, published in the scientific journal "ECK" of the European College of Kosovo no. 1, 2015
12. Illegal migration and smuggling of migrants in Kosovo, published at the scientific journal “ECK” of the European College of Kosovo, no. 2-3, 2016
13. Crime analysis: Organized crime, human trafficking and migrant smuggling, published at the scientific journal “ECK” of the European College of Kosovo, no. 6, 2017
14. “Forms of documents in criminal procedure” as a co-author, published by the Academy of Justice (former Kosovo Judicial Institute) and GIZ, Prishtina, 2017
15. “Trafficking in human beings”, published by the European College of Kosovo, Prishtina 2017

Mostar Mediation Conference 2020

Mediation and Justice as Two Complementary Worlds

As a synonym for the ADR movement, mediation has brought new winds to the world of dispute resolution. Mediation can generate change in the justice system and the legal profession. It has the potential to free judicial systems and the legal profession from the limitations that burden them and those that further burden the parties to the dispute, the public, and society as a whole.
The way of empowering parties to disputes that are only important to them, their active participation in resolving them and taking much greater control over their disputes in litigation, and full control over them in mediations, have evolutionary potential. However, these approaches' aim is not to replace the traditional dispute resolution system but to improve and advance it.
These are two different systems of public (formal) and private (informal) justice. Each of them and both together play significant and complementary social roles. No modern society can do without these systems, becoming integral and equal parts of a single dispute resolution system. With the help of legal professionals of a new kind, such a new dispute resolution system will enable the law and justice to become much closer than ever to the real needs of citizens and society as a whole.