Naureda Llagami

Naureda Llagami is chairperson of the High Judicial Council, elected by the Albanian Parliament as a representative of civil society. After completing her undergraduate studies in Law at Tirana University, Ms. Llagami has pursued advanced European studies at the master level. She has a consolidated professional experience holding senior positions, such as: Director of the Directorate of Harmonization and Approximation of Legislation at the Ministry of Justice, Advisor to the Supreme Court and legal experts for international organizations like USAID, UN Women, EUD, CoE, and EURALIUS IV. Ms. Llagami is the first woman as chairperson to lead the Councils for Judiciary.

Mostar Mediation Conference 2020

Restoring public trust in judiciary was at the core of the justice reform. In the light of ‘fast and furious’ concept of delivering justice, the High Judicial Council, has adopted a proactive approach to promote the use of alternative instruments of conflict-resolution. And, Mediation is par excellence, one of these.
This extrajudicial alternative of dispute resolution is embodied in the HJC philosophy. Recently, the HJC has approved the new Judges Evaluation Scheme. This latter, among other novelties, encourages the referral of mediation cases by judges, which represents advantageous criteria in their evaluation process.
In addition, HJC has closely collaborated with different international stakeholders to support and push forward the implementation of such effective instrument. Worthily mention in this respect is the cooperation with the Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation, in the framework of which two pilot mediation centers are established. These centers, to be replicated nationwide, are of a great importance, because they are an excellent tangible example of coming a step closer to citizens’ needs.
We strongly believe on the great impact of mediation in reducing financial burden, trial time, backlogs in the courts and in offering dignified justice, for all!