Smiljka Gavrić

Smiljka Gavrić is an experienced mediator, one of the first, who have been trained and certified in Bosnia and Herzgovia in 2005. She has vast training experiences and is a trainer for mediators with the Association of Mediators of B&H, the Center for education of judges and prosecutors and the State Agency for Employment of Civil Servants. She is an economist by training and graduated from the Faculty of Economy from University of Sarajevo. She is member of different professional bodies aiming at the promotion of mediation, such as the Board Member of the European Mediation Network Initiative, and B-H National Coordinator within South Eastern European Mediation Forum. Furthermore, she is engaged in the scientific discussion and published different articles and booklets on mediation.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar Mediation Conference 2020


There are three main aspects when talking about improving qualification and thereby increasing trust into the mediation system of B&H.
1) Qualification standards for mediators: in B&H we are having high standards for the qualification of mediators, yet we are facing different challenges:
- the Curriculum dating from 2005 could be updated
- trainers must be the most experienced mediators
- there is not much demand for training

2) Sensitization/education of judges: it would be very important to educate judges and to sensitize them for the mechanism of mediation. This especially as judges have possibility in accordance with the Civil Proceeding Code, to propose mediation to the parties on the preparatory hearing. For the last five years no training for judges within the "Centre for Education of judges and prosecutors" took place. In order to get trust into mediation, judges need to know what is a core of mediation.

3) Lack of practice: in B&H we are having almost no referral of cases form the judiciary, we as mediators are not allowed to promote ourselves as mediators too extensively, the Association of Mediators does not have the capacity to promote mediation in B&H.
A diversification of professional background of mediators would be helpful. It is also, a question of entering the mandatory mediation in certain types of disputes, like Italy did it few years ago.