Nicola Giudice
Head of Mediation Service, Milan Chamber of Arbitration, Milan

Nicola Giudice graduated in Law from University of Turin. He has been working in CAM (Milan Chamber of Arbitration) since 1997. He is a civil and commercial mediator, currently holding the position of head of CAM Mediation Service. He coordinates the site “”. Giudice is author of books and articles on mediation as well as speaker and trainer on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Furthermore, he is Organizing Committee Member of Competizione ltaliana di Mediazione (ltalian Mediation Competition).
He is also leading two projects involving art disputes (ADR ARTE) and Environmental Mediation.
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Mostar Mediation Conference 2020

I will focus my speech on the evolution of the “mediation phenomenon” in Italy and, more specifically, on civil and commercial mediation.
I will first describe the experience that led Italy, from the late 1990s to 2010, to approach the culture of mediation, with many positive experiences.
As a second step, I will elaborate on the decade 2010 - 2020, in which there was an explosion of the mediation, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.
I will also try to explain, behind the dramatic increase in the use of mediation, the hidden complex reality with pros and cons.
Finally, as personal storytelling, I will describe what has happened since March 2020. Covid has strongly influenced the mediation practice, pushing mediators, lawyers and parties to a new way of communicating, negotiating and mediating. I will express my point of view on these recent events that open interesting prospects for development for mediation in Italy and worldwide.