Dr Sc. Isuf Jahmurataj

He is from the Republic of Kosovo, where he works and operates. The scientific degree is a doctor of civil law sciences. In addition to this, he is a licensed mediator and expert in the development and advancement of mediation as a very important mechanism within the legal system. The professional experience of Mr. Jahmurataj is in the evaluation and drafting of policies, legislation, and strategic documents in the field of justice and mediation. In addition, he is an expert in evaluating, building, developing, and advancing the legal system. He is a Senior Legal Officer at the Ministry of Justice as well as a Professor engaged at the Faculty of Law of the University "Haxhi Zeka" in Peja. He is a trainer in the field of policymaking and legislation as well as mediation, where he has been a trainer in many trainings. He is a participant in many conferences, training on the topic of justice, mediation, access to justice, and human rights. He has also addressed the topics of justice and mediation through scientific articles published in international journals. The hobby is walking in nature and getting to know the different countries and cultures of the world. The inspiration are his two children, Uskana and Thesar, who enable him to work and commit to the future of their country.

Mostar Mediation Conference 2020

My presentation will focus on mediation which is a procedure that is undertaken on the basis of the will and trust that the parties have in the mediation and mediators. What will be addressed by me, refers to the professional level, social approach, and good communication, which enables us to have a high quality of mediation. The higher the quality of mediation, the more trust there is in many cases of mediation. The good quality of mediation enables a connection between the parties and mediation. The quality of mediation in the Republic of Kosovo and the impact on the development and advancement of mediation as a mechanism for resolving disputes and disputes will also be addressed. In this context, it is of interest to address the level of quality of mediation in the Republic of Kosovo. The more cases there will be in mediation, this enables faster access to justice and a smaller number of cases in the judicial system. Therefore the quality of mediation affects the development and advancement of mediation. The quality of mediation is much more important in building the trust of citizens. This is even more important for states that are building the rule of law, such as the states of the region.