Dr Jasminka Džumhur
Jasminka DŽUMHUR, PhD, është Avokate e Popullit e të Drejtave të Njeriut në Bosnjë dhe Hercegovinë dhe eksperte ligjore me 33 vjet përvojë në fushën e drejtësisë, të drejtave të njeriut dhe marrëdhënieve ndërkombëtare. Gjatë periudhës 2016-2019, znj. Dzumhur ishte anëtare dhe nënkryetare e Komitetit të OKB të Punëtorëve Migrantë, dhe gjatë periudhës 2010-2015, anëtare dhe nënkryetare e Grupit Punues të OKB për Zhdukjet e Detyruara dhe të pavullnetshme. Gjatë viti 2018 dhe 2019, znj. Dzumhur ishte ligjëruese e të drejtave të grave në Programin Rajonal Evropian të Masterit në Demokraci dhe të Drejtat e Njeriut në Evropën Juglindore (ERMA) dhe në Universitetin Ndërkombëtar të Burch, Sarajevë mbi të Drejtën Ndërkombëtare dhe në Diplomaci.
Bosnja dhe Hercegovina
Mediation constitutes a very important instrument that can be used in many processes within the society. Its importance was primarily recognized during the conflict when the need has emerged to establish some form of communication between the conflicting parties, about the humanitarian and human rights issues, such as exchange of prisoners, bodies of the dead, information on missing persons, delivery of humanitarian aid, etc. which all took place during the conflict, in addition to attempts of finding solutions to end the conflict. Mediation is also important in court disputes, although many believe that they are mutually exclusive, i.e. the incompatible. However, this issue should always be viewed from the aspect of the type of litigation, but also the fact that a large number of court cases reduce the effectiveness of judicial protection, which is why it is necessary to seek alternative solutions. Human rights concerns require that citizens have the right to access to a legal remedy, but its availability is not the only requirement, but also its effectiveness. Human rights concerns are the ones that that indicate to the option of using mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution, but in this process, as well, the respect for human rights principles must be ensured. From the aspect of my experience as an Ombudsperson, the field of using mediation is the widest one in the area of labor disputes and elimination of discrimination, especially harassment, sexual harassment and mobbing, but also in disputes related to economy. Therefore, it is very important that mediators have a broad understanding of human rights. One of the most important tools for mediators who are enmeshed in complex, highly sensitive and often fractious negotiations is to employ human rights terms and concepts whose meaning and contours have attained universal agreement